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SIP: Advanced

SIP implementation

The MCU implements SIP as defined in RFC 3261. Any product wishing to establish SIP calls with the MCU should implement INVITE, ACK, BYE, and CANCEL messages along with responses from 1xx to 6xx. The MCU acts as a client and does not return 5xx and 6xx responses itself; however, proxies and other intermediaries may do so.

To use a SIP registrar in conjunction with the MCU, you must register an ID for the MCU with the SIP registrar. The MCU can register itself, and individual conferences and auto attendants with a SIP registrar.

For video Fast Update Requests, the MCU uses a type that involves sending an INFO message with an XML body. This only applies to video endpoints, but these endpoints should be able to correctly reply to INFO requests whether or not they understand them as Fast Update Requests.

Authentication details

The username and password that you provide on the Settings > SIP page are the authentication details for all SIP authentication from the MCU. That is, for the SIP registrar and any SIP proxy. If you have individual conferences registered with the SIP registrar, the username will be the numeric identifier of the conference and the password will be the one entered on the Settings > SIP page.

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