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Configuring media ports settings

The MCU has the following port capacity modes:

For information about the number of ports available on the different models of MCU, refer to MCU port matrix.

To change the media port capacity mode go to Settings > Media ports.

After enabling a mode, you must restart the MCU for changes to take effect.

Selected option

The selected option section shows you how many ports are available for each type of connection in the selected mode. The number of available ports will change when you switch between modes in the drop down menu. This is useful as it allows you to see the port availability before you enable either mode and restart the MCU.

Field Field description
High definition plus video ports

The number of 1080p30 video ports available.

High definition video ports

The number of 720p30 video ports available.

Dedicated streaming and content ports

The number of dedicated streaming and content ports available. Where streaming and content ports are provided, when streaming and content ports are used up, video ports will not be allocated to streaming viewers or providers of content. Where there are no streaming and content ports, conferences with streaming viewers and conferences with content will use available video ports.

Additional audio ports

The number of audio-only ports available. Each audio port can be used by one voice-only participant in a video conference. When audio-only ports are unavailable, voice-only participants will use available video ports.

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