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Sending messages to individual participants

You can send a short text message to a specific participant currently in the conference by choosing:

  1. Go to Conferences.
  2. Click a Conference name and then click on a participant's name.
  3. Click the Send message tab.

This message appears overlaid on the participant's view, even if the participant is viewing the conference via streaming.


Field Field description Usage tips
Message text

Enter the message to send to this participant.

Messages must be fewer than 256 characters, but depending on the viewing screen, messages at the higher-end of this limit might not display properly. So, consider limiting messages to about 180 characters. Messages longer than 256 characters will not be truncated; they will not display at all.

You can disable this setting from Settings > Conferences (see Conference settings).


The vertical position of the message on the conference display.

Choose from the top, middle, or bottom of the conference display.


Indicates how long the message appears on the endpoint's video screen.

The default setting is 30 seconds. To remove a message before it times out, click Clear message.

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