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Displaying the gateway list

You can configure the TANDBERG Codian MCU to work with one or more H.323 gateways. The MCU can then effectively call through these configured gateways to one or more endpoints which are registered with the gateway but would not be reachable directly from the MCU.

For example, an IP PBX could be configured as a gateway, and the MCU could then call its registered E.164 numbers. An ISDN gateway can be configured as a gateway on the MCU allowing calls to ISDN endpoints and telephones.

You can add a TANDBERG Codian IP VCR as a gateway. This enables the MCU automatically call the IP VCR into a conference without the need for a gatekeeper; and in this way, the IP VCR can record directly into the folder you specify. For more information about using the IP VCR in this way, refer to the IP VCR online help.

The gateway list shows all of the currently configured H.323 gateways. To access this list, go to Gateways.

Field Field description

The descriptive name of the gateway.


The IP address or host name of the gateway.

Receive bandwidth

The configured preferred bandwidth to the MCU from the gateway, or <default value> if no preference has been specified.

Transmit bandwidth

The configured preferred bandwidth from the MCU to the gateway, or <default value> if no preference has been specified.

To delete configured gateways, check the ones you want to delete and select Delete selected.

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