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Conference content channel

The Conference content channel page shows various status items related to a conference's content channel. To view this page, go to Conferences > Conference list, click the name of the conference about which you want more information and on the Participants tab, click the Content channel link.

The displayed information is split into three sections:


This section shows a graphical representation of the current content channel. If there is no active content channel, inactive will be shown here. Where there is an active content channel, clicking on this preview window will cause it to update.

Received video

This section details the characteristics of the video stream supplying the content channel. This stream will either be a H.239 channel from one of the H.323 conference participants, or a BFCP (Binary Floor Control Protocol) channel from a SIP conference participant, or a main video channel configured for use as the content channel source (for instance, a VNC connection to a PC).

Transmitted video

While there is at most one source video stream for a conference's content channel, the content channel can be viewed by several people, either via H.239 or BFCP to video conferencing endpoints, or via streaming (DJPEG) to desktop PCs. The Transmitted video section of this page shows the number of viewers of each type, plus some statistics on the currently active H.239/BFCP video stream and DJPEG channel.


It is possible to retrieve a set of diagnostics relating to the conference's content channel. This is accomplished by clicking on the Download content channel diagnostics control beneath the main table. You should not need to access these diagnostics except when directed to by TANDBERG customer support.

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