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Customizing layout views

You can select custom layouts to use for all conference participants. To use this option:

  1. Go to Conferences.
  2. Click a Conference name and then click the Custom layout tab.
  3. Click on the layout you want to use from those shown in the Available layouts. There are different numbers of panes and pane configurations to choose from.
    The chosen layout is displayed enlarged to the left in the Conference custom layout section of the page and the Enabled radio button is selected.
  4. If you want to select the participants who appear in a pane manually rather than letting the MCU make the most appropriate selection, click Pane placement.
    See Using pane placement below.
  5. To have all participants see this layout when they join the conference click Make new participants see this view.
  6. If you also want all participants to see this view now, click Switch all participants to this view.

The following table explains the details that display.

Field Field description Usage tips
Conference custom layout
Current status

Whether a custom layout can be used for this participant.

When you click a new layout from the Available layouts, Enabled is automatically chosen with the most recent layout selected.

Make new participants see this view

New participants joining this conference will view the conference with this custom layout rather than one of the default views (see Customizing a participant's layout display).

To force all participants to use this layout, click Switch all participants to this view.

If a participant has chosen to use a custom conference layout (see Customizing a participant's layout display), their view will automatically update and switch to the new view.

Available layouts

Displays all the conference layouts that are available. Click a layout to select it and make it available.

You can only select one custom layout at a time.

Using pane placement

To have more control over which participant appears in which pane, you can use the Pane placement function. Pane placement works on a per conference basis.

Pane placement works on the selected custom layout in the Conference custom layout page - see Customizing layout views. The chosen custom layout is shown with the panes numbered. The largest (and therefore most important) panes have the lowest numbers. Because the largest number of panes in any custom layout is 20, there are twenty drop down lists, one per pane. If the number of panes in the chosen layout is less than this, a gray line separates the panes that are used from those that do not apply to this layout.

The first time you open the pane placement page for a conference all the panes are set to <default>. The MCU decides which participant will appear in panes with this setting. See Understanding how participants display in layout views for more information.

For each pane you can select an alternative setting:

To use pane placement:

  1. Click Enabled.
  2. For each pane that you want to control, select an entry from the drop down list.
  3. For panes that you no longer want to control individually, select <default>
  4. Click Update pane placement.
  5. To return to the Custom layout page, click Custom layout.

More about pane placement

When you use pane placement, bear in mind that:

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