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Being invited into a conference

Depending on how your video endpoint is configured, an incoming video call might come through to your regular phone or to your video endpoint (see Calling into conferences for a brief description of the difference). Note that even if a video call arrives on your regular phone, the video portion of the call will appear on your associated video endpoint (if one is configured).

As with any other type of incoming call, you can choose to answer the call or not.

Being invited into a conference using ConferenceMe

The conference adminstrator can invite you to join a conference using ConferenceMe. The invite will be a http:// link included in an email.

Clicking the link loads a web browser that allows you to load ConferenceMe and be connected directly to your conference. If you do not already have ConferenceMe installed, you can access the installer from this page before joining the conference.

See Using ConferenceMe to join conferences for more information.


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